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Allen Hinds


"With titanium saddles notes are clearer, fatter, more defined. You hear more of everything. More attack, more of your fingers. Even my V.U. meter on my tuner was evidence. The needle just sat in one position after I installed these saddles. No fluttering like before. I even "pro-tooled" before and after installing the saddles. the high end was much thicker with a crisper attack. Any change takes a while to get used too if you are constantly searching for "THE" tone. Titanium parts are an evolution, not too far from tradition, that really make a difference."

LA 在住のセッションギタリスト。 甘いマスクはともかくとして、そのしなやかな指先が奏でるメロウなフレーズは、女性ならずとも、思わずうっとりしてしまう。日本でも、Bobby Caldwell や Randy Crawford のツアーで数回プレイしている。

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