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Johnny Rushmore


"AWESOME ! It certainly does clear up the sound add sustain and brighten up the instruments tonal characteristics ! Fantastic ! The 1 piece guitars I build - no neck joint made of mahogany and Limba definitely benefit in their tonal properties by these great titanium saddles especially in the upper frequencies ! Wow ! It brought out the mids like you would not believe - you have to hear this to know the differences ! It brings out the midrange and shimmering highs that were not as apparent or focused before and is the perfect combination to my Rushmore guitar single cut design - you were right ! Anyone who wants a higher definition and more sustain would benefit from these KTS saddles and parts and please I need to get some more and truss rods too ! Thanks KTS you told me it would be better I was skeptical but not anymore but Hey , you already knew that your product was great ! Now Johnny Rushmore is proud to offer these on his single cut 1 piece no neck joint guitars ! You guys rock ! Thank you gentlemen - Your guitar builder and friend."

Rushmore Custom Guitars