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Roger Bacorn


"First, I need to say I'm a bit jaded regarding "enhancements" for tone and was a bit reluctant to even put these on my personal Frankenstein tele. It's set up with a Barden bridge pu and a vintage Gibson minihumbucker. It has the cheap steel modified cutaway Fender bridge with cheaper still steel saddles that I simply bent the adjusting screws to achieve proper intonation. Having said that, I'm definitely from the "less is more" school of guitar building, preferring the simple stop tailpiece/bridge that Gibson used on their early electric instruments as well as the 3 pc. saddle Tele bridges. If you want a Telecaster to sound like a Telecaster, this is the only way go IMHO.

I spent about 15 minutes installing and adjusting string height and intonation and tuned it up to pitch. Still somewhat dubious as to any real difference until I plugged into my favorite amp ( a Fender Champ that I gutted and used as a platform for a 40 watt 6L6 based Deluxe Reverb based monster in a box complete with my all time favorite speaker, a vintage Chicago Jensen C10N that was originally used as an midrange organ speaker.

I set the amp at 3 and began to play. I immediately sensed a difference in note separation in the chords and a snap that wasn't there before in the single notes and string bends. WOW! I actually had to turn down the treble a bit to accommodate this new set up. I don't know many guitar players that would say it's a bad thing when you have to readjust your treble tone control downward to get the sound you're looking for. Sustain and sparkle like I've never heard from this new setup. I'm a retro/alt. country player and I can't wait for my next band rehearsal to put this to real use. By the way, the only way you'll get these back is to pry them from my dead, grasping hands!! Don't even think about it!

Very impressed and thankful for the opportunity to try something that really "does what it says and says what it does" for a change!!" ―Roger Bacorn

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