Here are the most frequently asked questions and answers.
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Do you have any saddles which can be used on the LEOQUAN BADASS?

There are several types of LEO QUAN BADASS (for Guitar). Made in Germany and the US are mixed. The specification of each model is different. Therefore, unfortunately, we do not make the saddles that will be able to fit on the LEO QUAN BADASS bridge.

Which KTS saddle will fit on my Epiphone Sheraton Ⅱ?

We suppose that your bridge is made in Korea. Since there are several factories are making this type of bridge in Korea recently, we are not sure that the specification of the all of factories is completely the same. But we have installed our PR-01 saddles on the Epiphone bridge which has a "BG-BR" stamp on the backside of the bridge. for your information, we have an entire bridge set「PR-01EPset」which can be loaded on the Epiphone guitars.

I have TonePros Model AVR-Ⅱ. Which KTS saddle will fit on this bridge?

Our PR-05 saddle is very close but unfortunately, we need some modifications to fit completely on the bridge. So we don't recommend replacing the saddle unless you can do it with a professional repair person or you have proper knowledge in doing so.

I'm looking for the right saddle which will fit on my TOM bridge with "B2" stamp on the backside.

PR-01 will fit on this bridge.

Any KTS saddle for TP6 TonePros bridge?

PR-06 for Nashville TOM will fit.

Why the PR-02 and PR-06 saddles aren't slotted?

For most Gibson guitars, the strings are not positioned right in the middle of the saddles. Therefore, we need to file the slots at the right position according to the size and spacing of your strings. This is the reason why we do not make the slots on these saddles.

I have a Gibson SG. Should I choose the PR-02 for this? Also, I would like to know if I can install the saddles by myself even you have recommended on your website to ask a professional repair person to do that.

There are 2 types of TOM bridge on the current SG. If you can see "ABR-1" stamp on the backside of the bridge and a wire retainer at the side of the bridge, please buy PR-02. Else, your bridge should be Nashville style. Please choose our PR-06. You can replace the saddles by yourself but you need technic a little bit. Probably a repairman in your area could do it easily enough for you if you are not comfortable doing it yourself.

Can you tell me which type of your Strat saddles I would need to replace the ones on my Japan made SHIMAMURA Strat which has Gotoh bridge?

We are not sure about the exact specification of the SHIMAMURA original bridge which is made by Gotoh. But we are sure that our PR-04 or PR-11 should be able to install. Please measure the width of your saddle. If the width is 10.8m/m, the PR-04 will fit, if 11.2m/m, the PR-11 will fit on your bridge.

I have an Ibanez AS-200 1982 model. Can you tell me which KTS saddle is compatible with my guitar?

Ibanez AS-200.. We have heard very good reputation about this model. But unfortunately, we do not have the saddle which is compatible with your bridge. We remember that the bridge on the AS-200 is originally designed by Ibanez and saddles can be locked in the bridge.

I’m using Gibson ES-165. Is there any KTS saddle that will fit my guitar?

The bridge on the Gibson ES-165 should be vintage ABR-1 style. So please choose our PR-02 saddles

I have a Fender JD Telecaster. It’s made in Japan around the beginning of ‘90s. Saddles are made of brass. I think your PR-08 will fit on this, right ? Please let me know if there are any other recommended items.

There is no problem to install our PR-08 saddles on your guitar. We also have the PR-08WD, slant type compensated saddles and PR-08Quattro


I have a Fender American Standard series bass. Do I need any modification when I mount your PR-03WB1 on my bass?

The screw positioning is a little different between the American Standard bass and other Jazzbass style basses. So you need some modifications to adjust the screw position. On the other hand, the PR-03WB1 can be mounted on the American Special series without any modifications.

Do you have any plan to make the saddles for ‘70s MUSICMAN STINGRAY BASS?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a plan to make the saddles for MUSICMAN STINGRAY BASS at this moment. We have researched some STINGRAY basses and realized that there are many types and specifications depend on their age. So it’s very difficult to figure out the customer’s instruments. In order not to make trouble for our customers, we are suspending to develop the saddles for the STINGRAY basses. Your understanding will be appreciated.


Is it possible to install your Ti-Blocks on the Schaller S FRT-Ⅱ?

Yes, also our Ti-Block can be used on Fernandes FRT-11.

Can I install your Ti-Block on my MUSICMAN AXIS?

Yes, you can use the Ti-Block on the current model but the old model has a Gotoh® GE1996T. So please choose our Ti-Block-G for Gotoh® FRT bridge. Please refer to the following pictures.

I bought a Peavey Wolfgang with Floyd Rose Tremolo. Can I expect a remarkable improvement of sustain if I install your Ti-Block?

We regret to say that the prime object of our Ti-Block is not creating longer sustain. But let us explain the reason why we are offering our Ti-Block as a replacement for conventional steel block. The original steel block is extremely hard. But too much harder materials often have another character of brittleness. This will be a factor of cracking and string breakage. Our Ti-Block is softer than the original but titanium is very strong and has excellent corrosion resistance. These characters prevent any troubles caused by cracking or corrosion in the saddles. Also, we should disclose a week point of our Ti-Block. Since titanium is softer than hardened steel, you will see some linear impressions. Please think of our Ti-Blocks as consumables. But this does not mean you can’t use the Ti-Blok as soon as you see the impressions on the block. Based on our research, most professional guitarists didn’t need to replace the block with a new one while their national concert tour.