• KTS Block style titanium saddle
  • KTS sMustang, Jaguar style titanium saddle
  • KTS Jazzbass style titanium saddle
  • KTS Telecaster style titanium saddle
  • KTS stratocaster style titanium saddle

The KTS Tone-Resonant Titanium guitar parts are highly regarded by many musicians and builders around the world,
and are an easy solution to upgrade electric guitars and basses without having to make any major modifications.
KTS's Tone-Resonant Titanium provides satisfyingly long sustain, immediate attack response,
and a clear and defined sound that will take your tonal palette to the next level.

Gibson® style

For Tune-O-Matic bridge,
familiar from Les Paul and ES335.
Models with the bridge base
are also available.

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Fender® style

For Stratocaster®, Telecaster®,
Mustang® style guitars.
The photo shows the PR-17 block style
saddle for Strat-type guitars.

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Jazzbass® style

For Fender®, Jazzbass®,
Precision Bass® style bass.
The photo shows PR-03/WB1
installed on titanium plate.

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Floyd Rose®

Titanium insert block for Floyd Rose®
style locking tremolo bridges
Titanium block prevents
breakages and corrosion.

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What's New?

Beauty & Resonance

Titanium Neck Joint Plate

Metal parts should be beautiful. KTS is not only concerned about sound quality but we also care deeply about the appearance. The photo shows a titanium neck plate which is popular for its matte finish. Although it is not a bridge part, it is a vital part that joins the body and neck and inherently affects the instruments string vibration. We purposely made it a little thicker and more rigid to take advantage of the lightness of the titanium material.

KTS neck plates are used for high-end guitar brands overseas such as Marchione Guitars, DeTemple Guitars, Manson Guitar Works, etc., and for anniversary models of AtelierZ in Japan. We can also produce small quantities with brand logos for manufacturers and boutique brands.

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KTS Inside..

Titanium Neck Reinforcements

In addition to bridge parts, KTS manufactures truss rods and reinforcements that are placed inside the neck to correct deformation caused by string tension and external conditions such as temperature and humidity. The photo shows Titanium Neck Reinforcement, a neck reinforcement material used by Ibanez, Atelier Z, MTD (Michael Tobias Design), and many other brands. It is a product for manufacturers and builders, and is not well known to the general public, but our products are helping in invisible ways as "KTS Inside".

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How's KTS?

Prolonged Sustain and Heightened Attack Response To Enrich Your Tone

This may sound like your typical exaggerated sales pitch but don’t just take our word for it,
simply Google “KTS”, “guitar parts” and “Titanium” and you will be able to find countless reviews and testimonials for our products.
We appreciate that tone can be subjective but we strongly believe that these comments will show you that
it is truly possible to achieve your dream sound.
Please see the below comments from some of the world's top players.

Stephen Marchione

"I use KTS saddles to bring out more fat rich tone from my guitars. They help any fine instrument ring and sing without an unnecessary bling!"

Matthew Bellamy

“We are using them(blocks and saddles) and they made a great difference/improvement in the sustain and sound of the strats.” -Chris Whitemyer (Matt's guitar tech)

King Solomon Hicks

"You can really hear and feel the difference when you use a kts bridge. It added that special sound I was looking for in my guitar."

Rod Castro

"The amount of clarity and sustain these saddles add to my guitars is insane, not to mention the peace of mind that titanium doesn't rust and reduces string breakage dramatically. Thanks KTS! "

Josh Smith

"KTS titanium saddles have been an integral part of my tone for over 10 years. They are on my number 1 guitar and will never come off. If you want tone, performance and tuning stability KTS is the only way to go!"

Paul Nowinski

““I love my KTS bridge saddles!! Clear and focused sound... I use them on all my Fender basses. The only thing I ever changed on my vintage basses.”

Phil Hilborne

"KTS titanium saddles have transformed the sound of my guitars - the tone is now fuller and the sustain is quite remarkable. I recommend them wholeheartedly - they are the best!"

Geoff Whitehorn

"I like what titanium does to the sound. As well as improving sustain, it seems to make the notes "rounder" and "deeper", somehow. The nastier, high harmonics seem to be smoothed out and everything just sounds more "musical".”

Jon Herington

"My Gibson CS336, a guitar I've always loved for it's full range, bright, responsive tone, sounded obviously better once I installed the KTS titanium saddles - instantly I heard more "air" in the sound - it sounded lighter and more acoustically alive, even without plugging it in. All in all a significant improvement."

Daniel Gomez

"KTS parts on my guitars mean more overall tone, natural harmonics and quicker ultra-responsive attack. The guitars sound much more alive, amplified, solid, enhanced with every note ringing with new definition."

Abel Franco

“KTS titanium saddles have changed the sound of my guitars in an amazing way: color, shape and warm quality that they provide make my final sound jump into the next step. I’m very proud to be part of the KTS’ Family. Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!”

David Hinds

In every case the KTS Titanium saddles have vastly improved the tone, sustain, intonation and balance of these great guitars. I refer to the difference they make as being ‘Hi Fi’, that is, they bring out the maximum tone of the guitar - it’s as if a blanket has been lifted off the sound.

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Even if you have a high-end guitar..

For high-end guitars that have already been perfected in every way, modifying and upgrading parts may not seem like a necessity. But KTS saddles are surprisingly a favorite replacement for many high-end and vintage guitars. This is a video posted on Instagram by Steve Cocking, owner of Guitar Scape, a long established workshop in Australia, showing the sound of a Gibson ES-339 Custom Shop upgraded with a KTS titanium saddle.

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What's KTS?

You'd think that these geeky parts would have been made as a hobby by a metal fabricator with a president who loves guitars...but you'd be right.
In 1996, we were involved in the production of titanium watch bands for the then popular CASIO G-Shock®
and decided to debut this new metal in the world of electric guitars as KTS Tone-Resonant Titanium Guitar Components...

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