Titanium Neck Joint Plate
Titanium Neck Joint Plate
Titanium Neck Joint Plate

Titanium Neck Joint Plate

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This is a titanium neck plate. the joint between the body and the neck is fixed by a screw,
which greatly affects the string vibration.

We focused on the plate that supports the screws,
making use of the light weight of titanium material and making it thicker than the usual steel plate.
By supporting the strings firmly, more string vibration can be transmitted,
and at the same time, the sustain and the rise of the sound can be improved.

※Please be sure to check the size of the plate and screws on your guitar or bass before purchasing.


Custom Logo Printing Service

Titanium Neck Plate with Manson Guitar Works logo

(Photo: Titanium Neck Plate with Manson Guitar Works logo)

KTS's titanium neck plate has been chosen by British high-end guitar maker, Manson Guitar Works, for their 25th anniversary model. KTS's titanium neck plates have already been used by high-end guitar brands such as Marchione Guitars, DeTemple Guitars, and Atelier Z's anniversary model in Japan. Normally, we sell these parts with the KTS brand logo as replacement parts, but we have recently started to offer a small quantity of original logo printing for many boutique brands.


Marchione Guitars (Texas USA)

DeTemple Guitars (California USA)

La Bella Guitars (New York USA)

Manson Guitars (England)

Bandido Guitars (Spain)

Atelier Z (Japan)


“I use the KTS Titanium Neck plates on all my bolt on Electrics because they add beauty and big bottom end, the kind that slaps you right in the face!” — Stephen Raphael Marchione