KTS Titanium Neck Reinforcement Bar
KTS Titanium Neck Reinforcement Bar

KTS Titanium Neck Reinforcement Bar

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Titanium Neck Reinforcement Rod

The cold-rolled titanium flat bar is used as a reinforcement material for the neck.
It has the right amount of rigidity and flexibility.
Also stabilizes the neck and allows balanced adjustment with the truss rod.
This titanium rod has been adopted and trusted by many brands including Ibanez guitars and basses.

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TRB-450 for Guitar : 6mm x 3mm x 450mm (0.236" x 0.117" x 17-13/16")

TRB-550 for Bass : 6mm x 3mm x 550mm (0.236" x 0.117" x 21-11/16")

*Sold as a set of 2

*No engraving