Why Alpine Guitar Trust KTS?

As a guitar parts manufacturer, it is very important for KTS to earn the trust of guitar makers and builders. Alpine Guitar in France who uses KTS products in many of its lineups. We got a message from Co-Leader David Bazin about why he chooses KTS.

”Alpine guitar mainly chose KTS titanium bridges for the quality of their construction and the resonance of titanium. Our guitars and basses are built with solid French woods such as walnut or maple and we are very sensitive to the quality of our components and KTS has always met our demands and we are proud to add KTS products to our constructions. This choice is simply the combination of quality and seriousness from this manufacturer. ” -David Bazin, Alpine Guitar

Alpine Wood Diamond Roosters w/ KTS PR-03WB1 Titanium Bass Bridge

Alpine Dragon Groove w/ KTS PR-03SPWB1 Bass Bridge

Alpine Les Sanguines w/ KTS PR-03WB1 Bass Bridge


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