KTS Titanium Stop Tailpiece Special 10-piece Limited Production

 KTS is thrilled to announce the return of the SR-0002 Titanium Stop Tailpiece! Thanks to our customer Norbert in Hungary for his passionate request, we have decided to reproduce this product once again. 

KTS is very thankful to all the “Big Fans” out there who continue to use our titanium guitar parts. Today, we would like to mention Norbert Farkas of Hungary in particular. Find below the first email from him we received three years ago.

Dear Online Customer Service @ KTS,

I am a giant KTS fan... all of my Gibson Les Pauls have Ti saddles.

My question is it possible to place special order for KTS Titanium Stop tailpiece (SR0002) for Les-Paul style guitars. I would place an order for 3 pieces, but if you set a minimal quantity, more units can also be suitable.

Could you please check this option?

Thank You!


And even though several different manufacturers of titanium guitar parts exist, his opinion that "Titanium guitar parts must be made by KTS!” did not change. KTS traditionally does not cater to individual customer requests; however, there was no way we could pass up this opportunity.   

After deciding to run with this idea, we have secured enough material for 10 Tailpieces. 3 for Norbert and 1 for another superior customer in Taiwan. The remaining pieces will be reserved for our ardent customers around the world. 

After production, we could not be any prouder of how beautifully the lump of gray metal turned out. We were also once again reminded how the logo really enhances the presence of the product.


Here is a message from Norbert after receiving his long-awaited tailpiece - three years since his first request.

"one word: WOW! :)  I can’t believe it! The first Email of this project was in May of 2020 and we finally made it!  Your products have insane quality, a true art! I am so happy with this order! Thank You very much for everything!"  NF

Thank you so much Norbert for your excellent patronage. We are very happy to have produced these beautiful tailpieces for you!