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Dennis Ralph


"I have to be honest about this. At first I didn't become interested in KTS products because of there total qualities they give but purely for cosmetic looks for my strat. My strat has a 2 point modern tremolo on it which is really good especially because of the pop in arm however I hated the block saddles. Unfortunately the saddles were offset which meant you couldn't just buy vintage looking ones that would fit the bridge. I then found KTS who was selling vintage looking saddles but with offset screws. It was then when I read about these titanium saddles and how they help the tone and sustain of your guitar. I became desperate to try them out.

Before I put my new saddles on my guitar I decided to record a strum of A minor for a before and after comparison. Once I had recorded using the old saddles I set to putting on my new KTS ones. Setting up the intonation using these saddles was the easiest set up i've ever done. I re-strung the guitar using the same strings I did for the first test and then started to play. I could instantly hear a difference. Notes became brighter and clearer as well as an increase in sustain. I then recorded using my new saddles and as you can see, there is much more sustain. They sound fantastic. I would recommend them to anyone, whether its for cosmetics or for better sound. You wont be disappointed." ―Dennis Ralph

Session guitarist and member of Five Fathoms Deep

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